I will stay put at my home safe and sound
I won’t step out into world big and bad
I have a fear of light shining bright
Only shadows can hide and keep me safe

I don’t want to make mistakes and then pay
I know I have no skills, nor wit, nor charm
I doubt if I can do anything right
Only way not to fail is not to try

Caterpillars crawling on the surface
Spin cocoons of doubt and fear
And stay hidden from the eyes of the world
Sleeping safely inside self made coffins

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Reflections said...

You nailed this one to the board, like in a butterfly collection... beauty awaits.

Penny said...

Ouch. I've been in that state of mind.
Well written.

Sally J said...

the last lines nailed it for me:
'Spin cocoons of doubt and fear
And stay hidden from the eyes of the world
Sleeping safely inside self made coffins'

jessicasjapes said...

But remember that caterpillars change into beautiful butterflies and go out into the world. You must do the same!
Nice write, I enjoyed it!

Jingle said...

love it.

super poetic.


Jingle said...

love it.

super poetic.


wolfsrosebud said...

Enjoyed the last 4 lines...

The Fool said...

Thanks, wolfrosebud, Jingle, jessicasjapes, Sally, Penny and Reflections.

lunawitch15 said...

now that is a fear. for years I was afraid to leave my house. and even now, I pause ar the door asking if i can do it.

oh yeah, this hit deep.


Stan Szczesny said...

I agree with Sally J: the last stanza really nails it. I wonder if the caterpillar will turn into a butterfly whether he like it or not? He spins the cocoon for one end, only to find that the cocoon itself is transformational. A cocoon is a strange coffin in this sense, since it's inhabitant, which will no longer be, is set like a phoenix for a rebirth with abilities previously unknown to it.

abthomas said...

Nicely done and I know this feeling and thoughts well!

The Fool said...

Thanks a lot, lunawitch, Stan and abthomas.

@stan and jessica - Nice to see people thinking about the butterfly stage. Initially I thought of wrting stanzas on that. But then I thought it is best to leave it at the cocoon leaving the rest to the mind of the reader as a possibility to explore.

upinthecosmos said...

Wonderful, I feel this way... I think I'm in the cocoon as phase now.... I will emerge transformed, I always do;-)

trisha said...

its always better to try and fail. life is never fair or unfair- its just life.

hiding behind curtains just wont work.

The Fool said...

Thanks for your comments, upinthecosmos and trisha.

Gyanban said...

nicely done, :-) The lines have come out well.

The Fool said...

Thanks GB.

antara4ever said... wonderful!
Sadly it's what I have been feeling for a while.

Loved the last stanza.

The Fool said...

Thanks, Antara. Nice to see a comment on this poem after such a long time. Hope my comparision to caterpillar offers a ray of hope as eventually it will become a butterfly.

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